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Welcome to the old site of Canada at a Glance.

As you can see it no longer exists anywhere in cyberspace. I decided, finally, after 8 yeas to get rid of the old site and start from scratch. The new site will have a much better, cleaner appearance and be easier to surf. I may actually update it evcery-once-in-a-while.

I am giving you, the Canadian public, the opportunity to provide some input into this new site as I will be updating it daily so that you can keep coming back to check it out and provide me with some much needed input. I will still be taking link requests, but you may not see your link up for a while yet. I will bookmark everything that comes my way and, when the time comes, e-mail each and every one of you to confirm your link is still active and provide me with some more information that I will need to complete the site.

If you are a regular visitor of Canada at a Glance or had a link up on this site please e-mail me soonest so that I can retrieve your URL and begin the linking process all over again.

Remember folks that this site has been a labour of love for me, and now that I have a team in place to help me develop it I will be able to provide each and every visitor with the best possible service.

You can visit the new site at, and if you need to reach me you can e-mail me either at or


Thank you
Scott Thiel
Owner/Web Designer On Target Design
Webmaster Canada at a Glance